Thursday, 26 September 2013

IMATS Sydney! - International Makeup Artists Trade Show

Very delayed post! Hi guys, i decided to go to IMATS this year as i needed to stock up my makeup and use this as an excuse to spend $$$! IMATS is a two day event held in Sydney at the Sydney's convention centre and i went to the first day of the event 21st September 2013. 

Sit in a seminar and get learning!
Makeup is not only about being beautiful, be creative!
Something new! IMATS makeup museum 
IMATS Makeup Haul

If you're deciding to go IMATS i really recommend going on the first day and that 1 day is enough. Also on the second day the best sellers are going to be sold out and they do not restock from what i recall. My friend got this really nice Makeup forever lipstick and three hours later it was sold out! I also hated the fact that Scotty's Makeup displayed products that was not onsite for purchase which defeats the purpose in my opinion and the staff could've been more helpful and happy.

I really think customer service is important and this really what i look for when i decide to buy a product and its the factor that distinguish if i want to be a repeated customer. Like velour lashes, even though they had to ship most of their products out to their customers on the day of IMATS. They had really good customer service, so i didn't mind.

So IMATS this years was cray! i love that they've added new stalls such as Limecrime and Velour Lashes. What was new for me this year was the Makeup museum which i appreciate when you want to get away from the chaos and having the option to buy food within the venue. I also noticed that MakeupMedia setup was way more organised than the last time i went, which i appreciated but the line was still long! WARNING! Makeup lovers can be aggressive!

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