Tuesday, 5 November 2013

My internship journey

I don't know about you, but i try and stay positive... Sometimes you got to do things for the sake of it. Even though many people don't understand what kind of position you are in, at that moment in time. The reason why i struggle is because I don't like to think that i'm a failure, a burden, a disappointment or a quitter. For a matter of fact this is why i just need to keep pushing forward, even though i feel like i'm carrying a tonne of bricks on my back.

At the very start of my journey, i was excited! hungry to learn and so optimistic about what my future here had install for me. I was like a little girl, opening up her first present on christmas day. When i got my first interview i was ecstatic, i kept following-up and following-up until i had an answer if i was successful or not by then i had my second interview.

At the very beginning i asked a lot of questions, even those that was not related to my career interest... i just asked because i can. Being this optimistic at the very start made me say yes! to all the opportunities that was offered to me, even though i wasn't 100% sure that i will like it.. my WHY NOT? attitude took over me. What harm can this do but overall benefit me? besides i'm here to learn. Isn't this the main reason why we participate in internships? Instead i carried on more than i can chew... i ended up doing something i didn't like and it made me looked and feel under skilled than i was.

I'm not here to criticise the organisation i did my internship with but i just want to share my experience. Don't get me wrong... i've learnt a lot! Its just that i realise that this isn't for me. This experience hasn't discouraged me from wanting to work in the industry i've currently invested the past 2 years of my life in, but made me realise who i wanted to work for in the future and what type of person i wanted to be.

I've realise that i may have it better than most, hearing stories about doing petty errands and grabbing the morning coffee is not what i call gaining experience. But i realise that transferring theories into practical skills is harder than we think. I guess i can see why universities make it compulsory to have this real life experience because its invaluable. All i can say is that i'm struggling to keep my head held high but i'm just going to push forward until i get there...

Can you relate?