Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Defqon 1. 2013

Hi Guys,

I went to my first Defqon 1. Music Festival and i know that this type of festival doesn't really appeal to the mass market but i wanted to go and experience this event. I got to say that i enjoyed it and that the atmosphere was great. The lines for food and drinks weren't long at all, which was great! I felt like people there were there for the music, which was why i thought it was such a great atmosphere.

Tokens to buy food & drinks!

Purple Stage
Defqon1 Symbol
Main Stage  

I would say Brennan Heart was the best act
The Big Finale! So worth it!

Brennan Heart - Imaginary Finale!

So i stayed till the end :) maybe i'll go again next year and hopefully headhunterz will make an appearance like previous years. Loved it!

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