Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Thailand Must Do!

So i went to Thailand mid july this year and it was a very interesting fun trip! Our first destination is Phuket Patong City.

Day 2: My Absolute Favourite Tour ♥ Phi Phi Island Whole Day Tour

Pick Up
Monkey Island - You get to feed these cute monkeys!
People live in there!
Off to have lunch  
You get to scuba dive in two locations !

Phi Phi Island Essentials !
Up close & personal
As i said my most favourite tour! the staff was very informative and friendly. With fruits and beverages provided on board and sea sick pill if you need it ;)

I'm not a great swimmer and a bit scared of the water but you just got to get in! While scuba diving, you'll get to see corals and beautiful fishes who literally come up to you as they threw bread into the water and you get to go to island with beautiful beaches to go for a swim or sun bake. With these tours they do offer you a dvd souvenir 1600 baht ($55) and a photo that they take of you at the beginning of the trip in a nice beachy photo frame. TBH you don't need to get the dvd, you'll probably skim through it once and forget about it. Also people in phuket arn't afraid to ask for tips! but i had such a great time and the service was great, i would've felt bad if i didn't tip them. 

Day 3: FANTASEA !! Theme park 

Photo with Elephant 550 baht when you buy at the door its 50 baht cheaper inside!!

In a different world!

Play fun games that are easy to win btw and watch the amazing show! no electronic device allowed inside unfortunately. They take that away from you before entering the show and don't worry its safe! and if you do miss amazing photo opportunity with exotic animals, they're all lined up outside after the show. I recommend paying a little extra to go into the VIP buffet dinner, the place is amazing !

Old Phuket Town 

Portuguese inspired buildings - a bit of history 
Box model of Old Phuket Town
tuk tuk driver will try and take you to these place for you to "shop"

When we went here, we noticed the amount of tourists was not many! And everything around was a bit cheaper as well even the tuk tuk service. Only tuk tuk drivers hassle you.. 

I also recommend Weekend night market near Old Phuket Town, the food is cheaper and relatively good shopping there too. 

Day 5: James Bond Island Tour was the tour company we toured with and i really recommend them !
Tour package includes food and beverages + visits to four island 
James Bond Island as the main attraction - probably watch the movie beforehand? or.. not 
WARNING: The souvenir shop on james bond island - they will trick you & rip you off. I got ripped off.

Beautiful James Bond Island

Shops so many shops! kinda ruins the place
Simon Cabaret Show

Don't be fooled!

Anyways after the show, all the performers will line up in a long line for you to take photos with them. BUT at a price, they'll ask you to "tip" them. The show overall was entertaining and something very different to what i've experience before as in a bunch of ladyboys dancing around to popular tunes.  

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